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Pre-war history - an appeal

The Speedway Researcher web site carries the heat details for many many speedway meetings with the core period being the National League era 1946 - 1964.  This era has a great number of gaps to fill and these are catalogued on the web site.  Work has been ongoing for the period 1965 to date for some time thanks to Steve Wilkes and Gary Done. 

Bob Ozanne, Brian Collins, Roger Beaman and Mike Terran have done a fair bit on the pre-war era over the years. Activity on the pre-war era front has recently been stepped up thanks to Keith Corns who is taking the lead role assisted by Matt Jackson and Jim Henry, with Graham Gleave weighing in with some superb research into contemporary newspapers which has allowed vast upgrades to the Salford, Rochdale and Bolton files.

There are a number of collectors who are providing a great deal of help and their assistance is greatly appreciated. 

However, if you are a collector who has any marked pre-war programmes for meetings not shown on the web site we would love to hear from you.  Whilst we can acknowledge sources on the site, should you desire it, your contribution will be treated in strictest confidence.

If you can help, please contact Jim Henry  on 0131 664 7185 or email jamesjhenry@yahoo.co.uk

February 20

More fantastic updates today. The pre-war stuff is coming together beautifully and if anyone can help with marked programmes, we would be most grateful to hear from you.

New files

1929 - New Brighton - a previously unknown season

1931 - Aldershot - again, a previously unknown season

1932 - Lea Bridge (Clapton), Crystal Palace, High Beech, Leeds, Motherwell, Plymouth, Preston, Rochester, Sheffield, Southampton, Stamford Bridge, Wembley, West Ham, Wimbledon, Workington

1936 - Bristol

1937 - Middlesbrough, Rye House, High Beech, Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham

1939 - Staines

Updated files

1928 - Crystal Palace, Halifax

1929 - Preston, Liverpool, Stoke (Hanley), Halifax

1930 - Nottingham, Stamford Bridge, Halifax

1931 - Greenford

1932 - Tamworth (Fazeley)

1937 - West Ham

1938 - Wembley, West Ham

1939 - British Speedway Cup, National League Division 2, Provincial Trophy, World Championship, English Speedway Trophy, National Trophy, Union Cup

1955 - Rye House

1956 - Rye House, California

1958 - Yarmouth

1961 - Dublin Shelbourne Park

Thank yous

To Andy Reid for his Crystal Palace programme

To Duncan Luke for his pre-war programmes

To Les Hawkins for the new Aldershot information

To Graham Gleave for his intrepid adventures around the libraries of the north of England which are gleaning some fantastic results - literally!!

To Keith Corns for his continued contributions and the new information about the advertised fixtures at New Brighton in 1929.

And last, but certainly not least, to Bob Ozanne and Allen Trump who have been working away on the pre-war file and have sent the updated files for 1939 which can be found in the year by year section. Look out for earlier years from Bob and Allen in the future.

March 12

A few new files and updates this week:

New files

1936 - Wimbledon, Wembley, West Ham, Hackney, Harringay

2018 - Rye House


1928 - Huddersfield

1929 - Halifax, Huddersfield, Preston

1930 - Crystal Palace, Preston

1931 - Greenford, Preston

1932 - Preston

1936 - Bristol

1937 - Bristol, Harringay

1939 - Stoke

1947 - Rye House, Stoke

1948 - Dublin Santry, Hull, Poole, Stoke

1950 - Belfast, Sheffield

Thank Yous

To Bob Ozanne for the marked programme information of the Halifax v Leeds meeting. To Mick Huggett for the Wimbledon information. To Graham Gleave for the Huddersfield and Preston information. To Duncan Luke for the programmes. To Mark Aspinell for the Rye House file.

April 2

New Files

1936 - Crystal Palace, New Cross, Dagenham, Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Liverpool, Nottingham, Plymouth

1939 - New Cross


1928 - Bolton

1929 - Bolton, Halifax, Liverpool

1930 - Halifax

1936 - Bristol, West Ham

1937 - New Cross, Wimbledon

1938 - Rye House, Smallford, World Championship, Northern Cup, National League Division Two, English Speedway Trophy, Provincial Trophy, National Trophy, London Cup, ACU Cup

1939 - Bristol, Dagenham

1950 - Belfast Dunmore, Glasgow

Thank Yous

Jim and Keith have continued with the pre-war results and Graham Gleave has been busy again - check the 1929 Liverpool file for some great updates. Thanks also to Mick Huggett for the continued help with the Wimbledon programmes. You will also notice that we have some updates on the 1938 year-by-year file thanks to some new information from Bob Ozanne and Allen Trump. Allen and Bob have collaborated for years with the pre war years and I would like to thank them for sharing their work with us.

April 25

Sorry for the late update, I’ve been on holiday so things have become a bit delayed. Lots of our contributors have been hard at work and we can offer you the following:

New Files

1929 - Barnet

1931 - Crewe

1932 - Crewe

1933 - Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Wembley, West Ham, Wimbledon

1934 - Cardiff, Liverpool, New Brighton, Penarth, Rye House

1935 - Barnet, Cardiff, Liverpool

1975 - Coatbridge

2018 - Coventry

2019 - season results

Updated Files

1928 - Liverpool

1929 - Stoke, Wolverhampton

1930 - Crewe, Liverpool

1933 - Coventry, Sheffield, Tamworth (Fazeley)

1935 - Luton

1936 - Bristol, Liverpool, New Cross, Nottingham, Plymouth, Wembley, Wimbledon

1937 - Liverpool, ACU Cup, National League, London Cup, Provincial League, Provincial Trophy, World Championship, Test Matches, Coronation Cup, National Trophy, London Riders’ Championship, Best Pairs Gold Cup

1938 - Rye House, Smallford, Wimbledon

1951 - Wolverhampton

1952 - Wolverhampton

1953 - Wolverhampton

1959 - Eastbourne

1976 - Coatbridge

1977 - Coatbridge, Glasgow

1980 - Glasgow

1981 - Glasgow

1982 - Glasgow

1984 - Glasgow

1986 - Glasgow

1987 - Workington

Thank Yous

Keith Corns has carried on his sterling work with the pre-war files and has found evidence of racing at a new venue - Penarth Rugby Club in 1934 - the results are attached. Keith has also made great strides with the 1929 Stoke file and has produced several new files for the pre-war years.

Mick Huggett for his continued help with the Wimbledon info.

Our roving researcher in the north-west, Graham Gleave has done more wonderful work, this time with Liverpool in the pre-war era.

Bob Ozanne and Allen Trump have given us more updates, this time for 1937 - thanks again chaps.

Dave Allen has updates some of his wonderful Glasgow and Coatbridge files and has given us the missing Coatbridge file for 1975.

A massive thanks as well to Stuart Staite-Aris who has completed the fantastic effort of compiling all the Coventry files from 1928 to 2018. Let’s hope that the Bees can return to the track and can keep Stuart busy.

You may be also aware of the fact that the Speedway Star has decided to stop publishing race times and this has caused some discussion. Some people aren’t bothered but some think that the race times are an essential part of the sport and Keith will be sending regular updates of the 2019 season with the heat times included so we have a permanent record.

May 20

New Files

1933 - Crystal Palace, Clapton (find under Lea Bridge)

1934 - Nottingham, Wimbledon, West Ham

1936 - Provincial Trophy Heat Details

Updated Files

1928 - Liverpool

1929 - Liverpool, Preston

1930 - Northern League Heat Details, Liverpool

1933 - Wimbledon

1935 - Liverpool

1936 - Bristol, New Cross, West Ham, Liverpool, Nottingham, ACU Cup Results, National League Results, Provincial League Results, Test Match Results, London Cup Results, National Trophy Results, World Championship Results, Middlesbrough

1937 - Hackney, West Ham, Bristol

1938 - Rye House, Smallford

1952 - Wolverhampton, Long Eaton

1956 - California

1957 - Aldershot

1964 - West Ham

1967 - Season Results

1969 - Season Results

1970 - Season Results

We have removed the 1936 Penarth file as the suggestion is that this was a grass track

Thank Yous

To Bob Ozanne and Allen Trump for the 1936 file and the updated 1930 Northern League file.

To Steve Wilkes and Gary Done for the updated season files.

To Mick Huggett for the additional Wimbledon information.

To Graham Gleave for the additional Liverpool and Preston information.

To Mark Aspinell for the 1964 West Ham file

To Keith Corns and Jim Henry for their tireless work.