News and Updates

June 4, 2017

Most of you will have noticed that there hasn’t been any updates on the site for several months now. The reason for this is that the software that the site used for many years became obsolete and stopped working and there was no way of contacting the company that produced it. I had intended to do a gradual rebuild on new software anyway and this forced my hand a bit.

I found some new software to use and all was going well until I was about 75% of the way through and the whole thing crashed and I lost the lot. This had taken me a couple of months and made me so mad that I had to keep away from it for a week.

I started again and, finally, with a few hitches along the way, the site is up and running again. It is in pretty much the same place as it was but is now possible to update again. I have got dozens of new files and updates to put on and I will be doing this over the next couple of weeks, so if anyone has submitted anything, it will be on the site soon.

Apologies for the long time the site has been on hold but it has been largely due to circumstances beyond my control allied to a bit of naivety on my part having not had a back up file.

June 26, 2017

There have been a few teething troubles with the site and thanks to all who have pointed out the links that were not functioning properly. It has taken some working out why, but we think we have solved it and things should be better from now on. As I go along there will be other bits that I will sort out - I am aware that the Southampton page has the Somerset blurb  - and some of the icons are not lined up properly etc.

Anyway, for now there are updates on the site for Norwich 1957, Ipswich 1957, the Norwich needs page, Wigan 1952, Fleetwood 1948 and 1950, Stoke 1950, Belle Vue 1949, Walthamstow 1949, Walthamstow needs page, Wolverhampton 1952.

More to follow later this week…

June 30, 2017

New files today from different eras. From the 1928 season, there are new files for Bristol, Cardiff, Chalton, Dublin Harold’s Cross, Greenford, Harringay, Huddersfield and High Beech. From the more modern day Mark Aspinell has completed the 1990 file for Rye House.

There are also updates today for Leicester 1950, Fleetwood 1950, Liverpool 1950, Glasgow 1945 and 1946, High Beech 1948 and Oxford 1952. The needs files for Ipswich, Wolverhampton are updated as well as the information required for 1955, 1963 and 1964.

There will be further updates in the next few days.

July 9, 2017

I am continuing to wade through the last six months worth of submissions and trying to update as regularly as I can. There have been a few teething troubles and that is why I am doing the files gradually.

Updates are available today for High Beech (1949), Leicester (1954), St. Austell (1960), Middlesbrough (1946 and 1948), Rye House (1948), Exeter (1964), Belle Vue (1962), Glasgow (1949) and Aldershot (1953).

July 16, 2017

More small progress this week. On the Newcastle page you will find two excellent and informative files from Joe Wake covering the league history of the club from 1929 to 1980. These are a fine addition to the site and thanks to Joe for sharing them with us. There are new files for Crystal Palace, Lea Bridge, Leeds, Leicester and Liverpool for 1928 and the following files have been updated - Aldershot (1952), Plymouth (1952), Liverpool (1950), Belfast (1950), Bradford (1947 and 1956), Melton Mowbray (1949), Tamworth (1947) and Middlesbrough (1948).