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The Speedway Researcher magazine which can be viewed on the Speedway Researcher web site was set up by Graham Fraser and Jim Henry to promote research into the history of Speedway and Dirt Track Racing. It was intended to help those with an interest in any aspect of the sport and its history to make others aware of what their interests and to encourage others who had similar interests to work together. It provided a vehicle whereby researchers could advise others of what they were doing and make others aware of what they were looking for.

The magazine published articles on a wide range of topics related to speedway and dirt track racing.

The web site came along a good while after the magazine, the idea of the late Ron McNeil who gave us the idea of using this medium to provide a platform for sharing information about speedway meetings held in the UK from 1928 to date. At first the site was funded by income generated by the magazine but since the magazine closed down the funds have become nearly exhausted and it is now largely privately funded. The costs are dictated by the amount space taken to host the information and are currently not unreasonable. The next step up, is, however, a significant leap.  

Taking this into account the space available has to be prioritised. The first priority is to ensure the base source of information, meeting details, are fully provided for.

For the foregoing reasons we are going to decline to carry any additional items which are compilations of information drawn from our meeting details.  However, in a bid to facilitate networking we intend to continue for the time-being the Collectors Corner and add a “who is doing what” section which would provide details of topics which have / are being researched and by whom to facilitate the original intent of the Speedway Researcher i.e. networking.

August 13

More updates this week and a bit of a swap around. You may notice a new button on the Team by Team page for Seaforth as Keith Corns argued that the track was not really in Liverpool and deserved it’s own page. As such, there is now a Seaforth page and the Liverpool page is now devoted to the Stanley Stadium eras. There is also a Who’s Doing What button on the home page and this is open to any researchers to publicise their own projects, appeal for information and collaboration.

Plenty of updates this week with more Stuart Staite-Aris Coventry files being brought up to date and Keith tidying up and adding to lots of pre-war files.


1928 - Blackpool (Highfield Road), Coventry, Coventry (Lythalls Lane), Season Results

1929 - Blackpool (Highfield Road), Blackpool (St. Anne’s Road), Coventry, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Season Results

1930 - Barrow, Blackpool (Highfield Road), Cardiff, Eastbourne, Exeter, Hull, Lea Bridge, Season Results

1931 - Barrow, Workington

1932 - Belle Vue, Caerphilly, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Norwich, Stainforth, Workington

1933 - Crystal Palace

1934 - West Ham

1937 - Carlisle, Workington

1939 - Hackney, Newcastle

1945 - Glasgow

1950 - Long Eaton, Swindon

1953 - Coventry

1954 - Coventry

1955 - Coventry

1965 - Newcastle

1966 - Newcastle

1967 - Newcastle

August 21

There is a new file this week as Jim has started putting together the extensive needs list for the 1929 season. It can be found behind the Information Required button on the home page along with the other active seasons, with many of the pre-war files updated today. If you have any old programmes that may be able to fill any gaps, even if it’s a heat time, please get in touch.

I will also be adding to the Who’s Doing What page in the coming weeks with links to other sites and any research that may be going on - again, feel free to get in touch if you would like any help with your project.

Thank you as usual to our fantastic contributors for all your continuing hard work, the results of which are shown below.


1928 - Barnsley, Belfast, Greenford, Halifax, Manchester White City, Season Results

1929 - Barnet, Barnsley, Blackpool (Highfield Road), Harringay, High Beech, Long Eaton, Preston, Rochdale, Stamford Bridge, Wombwell, Season Results

1930 - Barnsley, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Long Eaton, Season Results

1931 - Glasgow, Lea Bridge

1932 - High Beech, Leeds, Preston, Wembley

1933 - Crystal Palace, Plymouth

1934 - Nottingham

1936 - Liverpool, Nottingham, Southampton

1937 - Cardiff, Hackney, Nottingham, Southampton

1938 - Hackney, Nottingham, Sheffield

1957 - Coventry

1958 - Coventry

1959 - Coventry

1960 - Coventry

1970 - Long Eaton, Season Results

September 5

Just like the myth that is ‘first out of the gate always wins’, so the theory that the Speedway Researcher only looks at the distant past is dismissed this week. There is a new file for Eastbourne 2021 from Mark Aspinell and this is tinged with sadness as the Eagles were forced to close due to financial issues this year. Let’s sincerely hope that this famous old venue, dating back to 1929, is back with us very soon.

New Files

2021 - Eastbourne


1928 - Belle Vue, Wolverhampton, Season Results

1929 - Lea Bridge, Manchester White City, Northampton Stadium, Pontypridd, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Stamford Bridge, Tredegar, Season Results

1930 - Harringay, Lea Bridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Season Results

1931 - Belle Vue

1932 - Leeds, Norwich

1936 - Leicester Super

1937 - Leicester

1940 - Belle Vue

1945 - Glasgow

1960 - Bradford

1969 - Long Eaton, Season Results

1970 - Long Eaton

1972 - Ellesmere Port

1984 - Long Eaton

September 18

We have a couple of new files today with Mark Aspinell submitting Long Eaton 1982 and Rye House 2008. There are some decent updates from pre and post war eras as ever.

The growth of heath details for many tracks before is thanks to a number of folks who send us details to fill the gaps. For this update we would like to say a special thanks to George Carswell who has helped with a wealth of information for our pre-war files especially from 1934 onwards to 1938. His contribution to our 1939 files is imminent. George has also been working with Mark Aspinell on filling the massive gap we had in our Southampton records. George’s efforts are especially worth our thanks as he is based in Canada which is somewhat distant from most of us here in the UK. We are not sure how many of you have noticed another massive contribution from George, assisted by Bob Ozanne. Tucked away in our Belle Vue records we have the fruits of George and Bob’s work which provides details of pioneer day activity in South America which feature many UK based riders. This often involved obtaining original newspaper sources and having it translated into English.

Thanks a million George for your unstinting contribution, which sometimes unsung, it is, nevertheless, very much appreciated.

New Files

1982 - Long Eaton

2008 - Rye House


1928 - Belle Vue, Leicester, Manchester White City, Season Results, Fixture List

1929 - Lea Bridge, Leicester Super, Season Results

1930 - Manchester White City, Pontypridd, Season Results

1931 - Belle Vue South

1932 - Crystal Palace

1933 - Crystal Palace, Nottingham

1934 - New Cross, Walthamstow

1936 - Crystal Palace

1937 - Crystal Palace

1938 - Crystal Palace

1939 - Crystal Palace

1940 - Belle Vue

1949 - Southampton

1950 - Walthamstow

1953 - Rye House

1989 - Rye House