Collector’s Corner

Graham Hart is looking for a rather special programme. His father is Jack Hart, the former Exeter star and Graham is looking for the programme from the Young England v Young Overseas meeting held at Weymouth on August 22, 1954.

Jack competed in this meeting and it would be great if someone could help Graham with his quest. Please contact the site if you can be of help.

Rob Phinn is looking for 12 blank programmes to complete a full set of home and away Crewe Kings programmes and they are as follows

Long Eaton vs Crewe 3rd September 1970

Canterbury vs Crewe 17th September 1970

Ipswich vs Crewe 14th October 1971

Ellesmere Port 4TT 19th September 1972

Chesterton vs Crewe 26th July 1973

Teesside vs Crewe 4th April 1974

Ellesmere Port 4TT 28th August 1974

Ellesmere Port vs Crewe 27th May 1975

Crewe vs Reading 25/05/1970

Crewe vs Rochdale 16/08/1971

Crewe vs Stoke 07/07/1975

Crewe vs Ellesmere Port 13/10/1975

Please email robphinn@gmail.com if you can help.

Ann Rugman is looking for a copy of the Training School challenge match between Cradley Heath and Coventry on February 21, 1976.

If you can help, please get in touch with me mattjackson68@btinternet.com and I will pass on the details to Ann.

Derek Carruthers is looking for specific programmes from 1928 onwards, including Southampton 31/7/1929, Belle Vue 9/8/1939, Fleetwood 5/10/1948, Motherwell 8/9/1950, Hull 14/9/2005, etc .

Email Derek at swapper@speedwayswapshop.co.uk for a complete list, as well as attaching a list of your wants, as he will check his own large collection to see if can offer suitable swaps in return

Graham Gleave is looking for the following programmes.

Oxford v Belle Vue - 9/8/1962

Sheffield 3/10/46, 3/7/47

Glasgow v Norwich 25/5/49.

Please email Graham at grahamgleave1945@gmail.com if you can assist.

Mike Gardner is looking for the following programmes. If you can assist Mike, please contact either Jim or I.

BIRMINGHAM  Wc.q.r. 15-8-53, v Norwich 3-5-52, 18-8-52

CRADLEY v Sheffield 25-9-48, v Norwich 24-5-50, 12-10-51, W.c.q.r. 25-7-52

EDINBURGH v Sheffield 1-5-48, W.c.q.r. 8-7-50, Scotland v Dominions 23-6-53, W.c.q.r. 18-7-53

EXETER  England v Overseas 12-8-57.v Sheffield 5-10-64. Fleetwood v Sheffield 20-4-48, 7-9-48, 16-10-48, 1-6-48, v Norwich 3-8-49.

GLASGOW WHITE CITY  v Norwich 20-9-50,  GLASGOW v Sheffield 24-4-46, 8-5-46, 29-5-46, 24-7-46,14-8-46.23-4-47.

HANLEY W.c.q.r. 21-5-49,

HASTINGS W.c.q.r. 18-5-49,

HARRINGAY v Norwich 1-5-53.

HULL  W.c.q.r. 21-5-49.

IPSWICH England v Australia 24-8-61.

LIVERPOOL W.c.q.r. 7-7-52. v Sheffield 2-9-60.

LONG EATON England v Australia 5-10-50.

LEICESTER England v Kangaroos 28-6-63.

MIDDLESBROUGH W.c.q.r. 25-5-61.v Sheffield 10-10-46.

MOTHERWELL W.c.q.r. 11-7-52, Scotland v England 30-5-54.

NORWICH  v Belle Vue 11-6-53, 16-10-54. 28-6-63. Bilner Trophy 17-7-54.Rye House 29-6-57. C.T.S. Trophy 4-10-58. v Wimbledon 15-10-60. v Ipswich 11-6-60.

POOLE England v Australia 13-8-58.

RAYLEIGH Young England v Overseas 9-9-50. W.c.q.r. 26-5-61.

SHEFFIELD W.c.q.r. 6-7-50.

SHELBOURNE England v Australia 24-9-50. America v Norway 20-5-51, England v New Zealand 26-7-53.

SOUTHAMPTON v Norwich 15-6-54, 15-4-60.

ST AUSTELL  Young England v Overseas 21-5-49, W.c.q.r. 13-6-50, 3TT 12-8-59.

SWINDON  Young England v Overseas 6-9-52, v Norwich 5-4-58,

TAMWORTH W.c.q.r. 18-5-49,

WIMBLEDON  England v New Zealand 25-8-59.

YARMOUTH v Norwich 6-9-60.